Gray & Black Tallits

  • Nitai Nitai


    Traditional wool tallit fabric with stately gray and burgundy striping. Corner patches have a circular Jerusalem design with the words שאלו שלום ירושלים ("Seek peace for Jerusalem").    Made by Talitania. Sold in Israel as the "Hermon...

  • Gabrieli Gray, Blue & Slate Gabrieli Gray, Blue & Slate

    Gabrieli Gray, Blue & Slate

    A bold handcrafted tallit in gray with black, blue and slate blue bands, and silver pinstripes. Woven by hand in Israel, using thick silk yarns.   Comes with a free matching bag.     

  • Greek Key

    Greek Key

    Gray and gold come together in this eye-catching tallit with a Greek key pattern. Wool tallit with generous panels of Damascus silk in varying shades of gray on both sides. Handsome atara (neckband). A Galilee Silks classic.   Comes with...