Galilee Silks

  • Galilee Silks Tallit T966

    Light Blue & Silver

    Light blue, gray and silver come together in this eye-catching tallit. Features Tzitzit Blessing on the atara (neckband). Handcrafted at the Galilee Silks studio in northern Israel. Comes with...

  • Sky Blue & Gray

    Sky Blue & Gray

    A refined wool tallit set featuring shades of dark blue and light blue. Matching corner squares. Features tallit blessing on white surrounded by blue and silver dot pattern. Handcrafted at the...

  • Greek Key

    Greek Key

    Gray and gold come together in this eye-catching tallit with a Greek key pattern. Wool tallit with generous panels of Damascus silk in varying shades of gray on both sides. Handsome atara...

  • Blue and Green Tallit - Galilee Silks Prestige Series

    Blue & Green Classic

    A superbly crafted wool tallit set from the Prestige Series. Blue and green striping and matching corner squares are visible from both sides of the tallit. Handcrafted at the Galilee Silks tallit and...