Payment & Returns

How long will it take to receive my order?
Be sure to take into account fulfillment time + shipping time.
Fulfillment Time - We're able to get most orders out within 3-5 business days. (Note, however, that hand-woven tallit sets can take anywhere from 2-5 weeks.)
Shipping Time - First Class typically takes 7-14 days, Priority takes 3-5 business days to most locations and DHL takes 2-3 business days to most locations. (For more detailed shipping info, click here.)

How much does shipping cost?
For most orders we charge $10-$30 via First Class, based on the amount of the subtotal. We also offer Priority to some countries and DHL Express to almost all locations. For complete details on shipping and shipping costs, click here.

Which credit cards do you accept?
MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

Can I pay using my Paypal account?
Certainly. During the ordering process, when you arrive at the checkout page, you will see a Paypal option.

Can I pay by eCheck?
Yes, if you have a PayPal account. During the ordering process, when you arrive at the checkout page, you will see a PayPal option. Select that option, register for a PayPal account, and then follow the instructions to arrange an eCheck transfer. Read more>>

Prices are shown in US$. I don't live in the United States, and would prefer to shop in my own currency.
At the top left of the website you'll see an option to change to prices to a half dozen other currencies. Please note that the exchange rate is updated automatically, and may not always be highly accurate. Also, payment is in US dollars. The exchange rate is determined by Paypal or your credit card company. In some cases, your credit card company may give you an option to select the currency.

I'm having trouble placing my order. What should I do?
Just send the details of your order by email and we will write up an itemized online invoice.

Your system rejected my credit card, but I know for a fact it's perfectly valid. What's the problem?
If one of our payment gateways did not honor your credit card, please try again and hopefully it will go through. The payment gateways we use have various security features, including a complex screening process that sometimes rejects valid credit cards. For example, if the shipping country differs from the billing country, that might trigger the fraud alerts (although usually that's perfectly legitimate). Here are a few options:

  • Try using the same credit card again
  • Try using a different credit card
  • Ask us to send you an online invoice

Is your website an officially recognized company?
Yes, we are registered under the Israeli tax authorities under the name Garsan Judaica Ltd. Our tax registration number is 515759199.

What's your cancellation policy?
Sometimes a customer realizes right away that a mistake was made when placing the order (e.g. wants to make a size change, different tzitzit, etc.) and contacts us within a few hours or a day. In most cases, assuming the tzitzit have not yet been tied, we simply cancel the order and apply store credit. In any case where we return funds to your credit card or PayPal account (instead of store credit) we charge a 4% transaction fee (i.e. we return 96% of the original transaction amount). 

What's your return policy?
The vast majority of our customers are very pleased with the talit they receive, but we want all of our customers to be satisfied. If you decide to return the tallit, you will receive a full refund (applied to your credit card), minus the shipping costs and any type of customization, including tzitzit tying and sewing work.
Of course we cannot allow returns for any item with custom embroidery.
If you need to return an item, please contact us beforehand for the correct returns address and important instructions. Returns must be initiated within two weeks of receiving the order.
Note that because we are located in Israel we are unable to provide shipping labels, and we do not cover the cost of return shipping.
Occasionally a customer is uncertain regarding sizing, fabric texture, etc. and therefore would like to order two or three similar products, and then return the unwanted ones. Since international returns are extremely costly and involved, we cannot accommodate such requests (unless the customer assumes all of the associated costs, which can be quite exorbitant).

What if there's a problem with shipping?
We send over 2,000 parcels per year, and major problems like vanished or damaged parcels are very rare. According to halacha, once we've dispatched the parcel, we are absolved of responsibility, but it's "sound business practice" to take responsibility nonetheless, and that is our general policy. However, please note that if a customer enters the shipping address inaccurately (e.g. missing apartment number, wrong zip code, etc.) we definitely cannot take responsibility in the event that the shipment goes awry.