Planning a Jewish wedding? Helping a Jewish bride get to her chuppah and start building a Jewish home is a big mitzvah ("Hachnasas Kallah"), and we're honored to play a part.

  • Gold Medley Chuppah

    A breathtaking raw silk chuppah embroidered in golden colors with pomegrantes and sprigs of wheat is a beautiful symbol of growth and building. At its center are pomegranates with leaves surrounded by the sixth blessing of Sheva Brachos (the seven...

  • Jerusalem Chuppah

    Jerusalem Chuppah

    No matter where you are, two people can become one under a beautiful Jerusalem sky. This stunning hand-painted silk chuppah’s top is framed in white silk and its center is painted like a blue evening sky with Jerusalem’s buildings depicted in...

  • Silver embroidery on corners

    Chuppah Tallit

    A large tallit with an elaborate black traditional striping pattern and corners embellished with silver. Thick tzitzit lend a strongly traditional feeling to the wedding chuppah ceremony.  Cloth ties are sewn onto each corner of the tallit to help...

  • Malchut White-on-White Chuppah Tallit

    Malchut White-on-White Chuppah Tallit

    A large tallit in a soft vanilla white hue, with unique integrated matte striping and netted fringes. Cloth ties are sewn onto each corner of the tallit to enable you to easily rig it to the poles. These ties can be easily removed after the wedding...

  • Silver-Fringed Chuppah

    Silver-Fringed Chuppah

    Rich cream brocade with a beige border and silver fringes on sides. This unique chuppah is designed by Shlomit Azati, founder of of Galilee Silks, which has become Israel’s leading silk and hand-dying factory, employing over 20 fabric experts...

  • Floral Chuppah

    Made from silk-screened organza, satin and Morrocan crepe. The overhead part of the chuppah is decorated with hand-painted pink flowers and the hanging part is made of golden tulle with curled edges.  Dimensions: 43" x 55"  (110 cm x 140 cm)...

  • Mocha Cream Chuppah

    Cream base with kark highlights. Dimensions: 43" x 55"  (110 cm x 140 cm)  

  • Squares Patchwork Chuppah

    A charming chuppah with earthy cream, beige and tan squares. Dimensions: 43" x 55"  (110 cm x 140 cm)  

  • Striped Chuppah

    This chuppah features a beige overhead section with silver, gold and tan striping. Dimensions: 43" x 55"  (110 cm x 140 cm)  

  • White & Silver Chuppah

    White & Silver Chuppah

    A classic white chuppah with silver pinstripes (or gold, by request). Made of a unique, soft, handwoven acrylic fabric. Comes with a free challah cover in exactly the same fabric and pattern to serve as a lasting reminder of the big day. Dimensions: 80"...

  • Cloth Chuppah Ties

    Cloth ties sewn onto corners of tallit. Can be removed after the wedding. This option can be added to any tallit we sell.