United Kingdom

» Order Fulfillment - We normally process and dispatch orders within 3-5 business days.
» Customs - United Kingdom sometimes levies VAT and/or import taxes on Judaica products from Israel (more info below).
» Deadline - If you have a specific deadline or target date (e.g. bar mitzvah, wedding), please note this during checkout so that we can make every effort to get your order to you on time.

  First Class Royal Mail EMS Courier DHL Express
 Sub-Total 5-10 business days approx. 1 week 2-3 business days
Under $100 $10 $20 $30
$100-$150 $15 $25 $35
$150-$200 $20 $30 $40
$200-$250 $25 $35 $45
$250-$300 $30 $40 $50
$300+ $35 $50 $55


First Class Shipping
One or two days after your order was shipped you should have received an automated message with your tracking number, which starts with LX and ends with IL (e.g. LX403074476IL). We use Israel Post's ECO Post service for most First Class shipments, which is then handled in the UK by Royal Mail. 

Israel Post Delivery Tracking>>
Royal Mail Track and Trace>>

Tip: During the first few days Israel Post generally provides the best tracking data, then once the package is enters the UK, Royal Mail Tracking often lists more detailed information. 

DHL Express
DHL Express shipping is handled by DHL Express couriers from start to finish. Shortly after it ships you can expect to receive an automated email message with a 10-digit tracking number. Typical shipping time is two days.

DHL Express Tracking>>

Note: Our DHL Express shipping option is two-day courier service, but leave three business days, to be safe. Also, keep in mind that in Israel, DHL does not provide pick-up service on Fridays and does not operate flights out of Israel on Sundays, which means if the shipment does not leave our office by Thursday morning, it could run into a long weekend. If the delivery date is critical, be sure to check with us regarding fulfillment time before you place the order. Sometimes we can get orders out within one or two days, but not always.


UK Import Taxes: We cannot take responsibility for any import taxes or fees levied by HM Revenue and Customs or the shipping company (Royal Mail, ParcelForce, DHL). You can try to clarify which customs duty may apply by contacting HMRC.

When the value of the goods is under £15 the shipment is exempt from VAT (20%), and when the value is under £135 it is exempt from import tax (8%). Often our products are categorized under commodity code 6214200090.

General Tips: Whichever shipping option you choose, it's generally advisable, when possible, to use an address where someone is on hand during daytime hours, such as a work address. And if you have a critical target date (wedding, bar mitzvah, etc.), mention that in the comments field, which you'll see toward the end of the checkout process.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us.
Need help with tracking? Send a note to shipping@garsan-judaica.com

We try to get your order to you as quickly and efficiently
as possible, while keeping our shipping fees at a minimum.
Israel subsidizes international shipping rates, and we pass
on the savings to tallit and tzitzit buyers in London, Leeds, Manchester
and other parts of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.