All-White Tzitzit

Ashkenazi tzitzisMany of the tallits we sell come with thin, machine-spun tzitzit standard (Traditional Wool Tallit, Sapir, Bareket, Maalot, Bnei Ohr, Tashbetz) with an option to upgrade to hand-spun tzitzit. Some of our traditional tallitot also come with an option for niputz lishmah, which is a halachic stringency only a select few insist on.

Tzitzit Tying

Yemenite/Rambam Tzitzit We also offer a number of tzitzit tying customs. The most common tzitzit tying custom by far is the standard Ashkenazi tzitzit tying (upper right).

If you choose Sephardic tzitzit, we will tie them with single chulyot 7-8-11-13 (or 10-5-6-5 by special request). On a tallit katan you can select either 7-8-11-13 or 10-5-6-5 right on the product page.

A third option is Yemenite tzitzit, tied according to the Rambam (left). We tie seven chulyot, or 13 by special request for a small added fee.

And finally, we can tie according to the Chabad custom.

Thick or Thin?

Thick or thin is really a matter of personal aesthetics. In Reform and Conservative congregations, thin tzitzit is the rule. In a traditional Orthodox congregation, thick tzitzit are widespread. We also offer medium thickness tzitzit, which can be hard to find elsewhere.