Modern Tallit

  • Burgundy-Gold Traditional Wool Tallit

    Burgundy-Gold Traditional Wool Tallit

    Traditional wool tallit with burgundy and gold striping. High-quality 100% wool tallit with excellent finishing work.    Unsure about the tzitzit options listed? Take a look at our Tzitzit Wizard>>   Sizing Notes: The four...

  • Nitai


    Traditional wool tallit fabric with stately gray and burgundy striping. Corner patches have a circular Jerusalem design with the words שאלו שלום ירושלים ("Seek peace for Jerusalem"). Tzitzit Notes: Tallit comes standard with thin, machine-spun...

  • Tashbetz Gray & Silver

    Tashbetz Gray & Silver

    A popular tallit in lightweight wool with gray striping and silver pinstripes. Features textured, raised-grid weave that gives it an elegant “checkerboard” look and a non-slip tallit quality. This unique weave makes the Tashbetz Tallit very...

  • Sapir Nonslip Tallit

    Sapir Nonslip Tallit

    A traditional 100% wool tallit with white and blue striping on an azure base. Attractive striping on the atara (neckband). Comfortable, lightweight box-weave fabric designed to help keep the tallit in place on your shoulders. Made in Israel by Mishkan...

  • Bnei Ohr Blue Medley Tallit

    Bnei Ohr Blue Medley Tallit

    Sometimes known as the Joseph’s Coat Tallit, this colorful wool tallit features vibrant blue and purple bands, highlighted with turquoise pinstripes. The fabric is a supple, slightly textured weave to help the tallit stay in place on your shoulders...

  • Carmel Talllit

    Carmel Talllit

    Features a unique textured fabric that closely resembles handwoven tallits that cost two or three times the price. Made in Israel. 92% wool, 8% acrylic Size 24 (24 x 72 inches, 60 x 180 cm) Size 36 (32 x 72 inches, 90 x 180 cm) Size 50 (48 x 72...