Customs / Douane / Aduana / Zoll

Sometimes customers will contact an online seller to request that they modify the information written on the customs declaration and invoice. Our policy is to adhere to the halachic and legal requirements related to shipping and customs clearance, therefore we cannot honor such requests.

In the United States our customers are not charged VAT or other import taxes, however, in most other countries, these charges are likely to be imposed, regardless of the shipping method. Religious articles are rarely exempt. For example, in Europe, customers may be asked to pay a 21% customs duty as well as the standard VAT charge.

We urge our customers to clarify the import costs they are likely to incur in their home country, and ask that they understand that we cannot take responsibility for these expenses, and do not even have the ability to clarify the tax regulations in the dozens of countries we ship to.

For a halachic overview of customs declaration issues, you may want to refer to this blog post.