• Tefillin Gassot

    Tefillin Gassot

    Tefillin Gassot (“thick phylacteries”) are made out of a single piece of thick leather shaped by repeatedly applying several tons of pressure in industrial presses as part of a complicated, but delicate and exacting production process. The...

  • Tefillin Dye

    Tefillin Dye

    Shiny black tefillin dye to touch up scratches and cracks on tefillin straps. Certified kosher by the Zichron Meir Beit Din.

  • Tefillin Dye Marker

    Tefillin Dye Marker

    Matte tefillin dye marker to touch up straps and tefillin battim. Marker design prevents tefillin paint from seeping into crevices, which could damage the parshiyos inside. Certified kosher by the Zichron Meir Beis Din in Bnei Brak.

  • Kisu Yad Tefillin Protector Kisu Yad Tefillin Protector

    Kisu Yad Tefillin Protector

    Rubber tefillin cover protects the Shel Yad from being damaged or worn through contact with clothing, bumping, etc. Designed to protect the tefillin corners, and help maintain their shape and squareness. Stays in place on almost any size tefillin (32-36...

  • Tefillin Mirror

    Tefillin Mirror

    Tefillin mirror to check that the Shel Rosh is properly centered. Features embossed faux leather cover and tefillin blessings.

  • Tfidanit Tefillin Carrier

    Tfidanit Tefillin Carrier

    The original Tfidanit made by Tefillin Beit El. Thermal tefillin case with hard plastic inner shell and double seal protects your tefillin from damage while traveling. Ideal for commuters, campers, soldiers and travelers. Hard plastic thermal...

  • Canvas Tefillin Bag

    Canvas Tefillin Bag

    Tefillin bag cover with transparent front and carrying strap.  Features include zippered outer pocket in back, zippered interior pocket, handle and shoulder strap. Measures 12" x 11" (30 x 28 cm)

    Retail price $15.00