Payment tips for our Canadian customers

Have you switched the store currency to $CA using the button at the top left? It's important to keep in mind that the CAD prices and shipping fees shown are converted automatically, but may not be entirely up-to-date, and the amounts may change somewhat during checkout.

Here's a question we received from a customer from Toronto before he completed his order:

Good afternoon: I am about to order a tallit and tallit bag with some options and have it shipped to Toronto, Canada. I note that your price is in Canadian dollars with a note stating I will be charged the equivalent in $US. I also have a USA credit card and can pay in US dollars if you prefer. Please advise. The total in Canadian dollars is $223.93 and your US price is listed as $177.50.
Thanks, Robert
We explained to Robert that online credit card payments are complex, especially when the seller is in Israel, the buyer is in Canada and the web store charges in USD.
The bottom line is that the credit card company knows how to make sure they come out on top. One of the ways your credit card company might maximize profits is to give an unfavorable exchange rate (i.e. favorable to them and unfavorable to you) in international transactions. If using a US credit card is an option, you'll definitely want to consider that; from our standpoint we'll receive the same amount in USD either way.
In fact, sometimes credit cards will even charge you in foreign currency for online purchases, simply because they identify you are using a device in Canada. For example, you place an order from a US vendor, with prices listed in USD and you go to pay in USD with a US credit card. Your credit card might actually charge you in CAD, unless you read the small print and switch the charge currency to USD.
When our website shows amounts in CAD, that's an approximation intended to facilitate price comparison, whereas if you leave the prices set to USD you'll see 100% accurate numbers, down to the cent.