5 Ways to Save

Some of our customers are interested in discounts in our web store, but don't know where to look. We've compiled most of them on this page, for your convenience.


Boys' Tzitzit 

Quantity Discount 
How do I get the discount? Go to the product page and click on the "Buy in bulk and save" button, to see the discount tiers. Then just add to your cart, and the discount will be applied automatically, based on the quantity.


Challah Covers 

Just go to our Challah Cover category, and you'll quickly spot a coupon for 15% off. Minimum order total $50.


Passover Table Products

This year we leveraged our long-standing connections with various tallit bag makers in Israel to offer a selection of matzah covers, Afikoman bags and more, made by the same embroidery studios. Click here and enter coupon code PSVR83 for a 10% discount.

Tekhelet Tzitzit strings 

Purchase a set of techelet strings (for you to tie yourself) and receive a $5 shipping discount. Enter coupon code TKHLT4SHP during checkout.



Buy 4, get one free
How do I get the discount? Go to Kippah category. Select five kippot. During checkout, enter coupon code KPPH4PLS1
Ifs, ands and buts: Kippot must be listed in the same sub-category.