U.S. Shipping Options

Please note that from mid-November thru the end of December, USPS shipping times are not as reliable as during the rest of the year. Therefore if you select First Class shipping, which typically takes 7-10, in some cases there may be delays of several days. Even Priority shipping can be somewhat slow and unpredictable. If you have a specific target date, please keep this possibility in mind.
First Class and Priority shipping start with Israel Post and then upon arrival at the International Sorting Center in New York, are handled by USPS.

1) The First Class option typically takes 7-10 days for shipping. Both Israel Post Track & Trace and USPS Tracking provide good tracking.
2) The EMS/Priority option is express service, handled by USPS as Priority. The tracking is detailed and typical shipping time is 4-7 days.

3) Our DHL Express option is two-day courier service, but leave three business days, to be safe. Also keep in mind that in Israel DHL does not provide pick-up service on Fridays and there does not ship out of the country on Sundays, which means if the shipment does not get picked up by Thursday morning, it could run into a long weekend. If the delivery date is critical, be sure to check with us regarding fulfillment time before you place the order. Sometimes we can get orders out within one or two days, but not always.
First Class and EMS can be tracked on Israel Post Track & Trace and/or the USPS Tracking tool.

Whichever option you choose, it's generally advisable, if possible, to use an address where someone is on hand during daytime hours, such as a work address.
And if you have a critical target date (wedding, bar mitzvah, etc.), mention that in the comments field, which you'll see toward the end of the checkout process.
Still have questions? Feel free to contact us