Modern & Traditional Atarot

  • Traditional White Atara

    Traditional White Atara

    Standard atara found on most traditional wool tallits. Leaf pattern with crowns on each end.Measures 80 x 10 cm (31 x 4 inches)    

  • Silver Pomegranate Atara

    Silver Pomegranate Atara

    Narrow pearl white atara designed by Yair Emanuel Judaica. Features Tallit Blessing in silver, surrounded by pomegranates on swirling vines.31 x 3.6 inches Note for DIY tallit makers: We sometimes have matching corners in stock for this atara. To check...

  • Wool Atara Wool Atara

    Wool Atara

    Fabulous 100% wool atara with woven matte striping. Measures 82 x 9 cm / 32 x 3.5 inches

  • Ateret Chatan

    Ateret Chatan

    Atara on white base with five rows of faux-silver squares. Does not tarnish. A popular addition to a tallis for a chassan at a fraction of the price of silver.  

  • K'tarim Atara

    K'tarim Atara

    Satin atara featuring rows of fabulous crown-design plates, lending your tallit a touch of royalty.95 x 16 cm / 37 x 6 inches