Passover 5784

Is there enough time left to get an order to me before Pesach? 

Typically we need 3-5 business days to tie on tzitzit and prepare an order for shipping (as noted on our Shipping Info page). If you were hoping to buy a new tallit or tzitzit and receive it before Passover, at this point we cannot guarantee that we can make that happen, even if you select DHL Express shipping. Feel free to contact us for turnaround time for specific items.

Although our web store is open to accept orders during Chol HaMoed (the Intermediate Days of Passover), we do not process or ship orders throughout that week. In fact, here in Israel almost the entire Judaica industry comes to a grinding halt for all of Passover.

Essentially  we have the CLOSED sign hanging on our "window" for seven days. We resume operations on 22 Nissan (30 Apr.).

My order was placed shortly before Passover. What's the time-frame going to look like?

It's not easy to shut down operations for a entire week. We make every effort to get as many orders out as possible, so that fewer orders are left sitting in our office untouched for over a week. But given that we tyically need 3-5 business days to tie on tzitzit, do sewing work and prepare parcels for shipping, inevitably some orders do remain in our office.

My order shipped before Passover. I have a critical target-date coming up, and I need help with tracking.

Please send a request, and write URGENT in the subject line. We'll try to go online at least once or twice during the week of Passover.

I haven't placed an order yet. I have some questions I wanted to ask...

We always try to reply within one day or less  except during Passover and Sukkot. On 22 Nissan (30 Apr.) we'll be back in the office, and dive in to get caught up replying to inquiries and processing orders. Thanks for your understanding.

April operations schedule