Tallit Size Wizard - Step 2 of 2

Choose a Size 24 or Size 36, which are 24 inches wide and 36 inches wide respectively.


Note that the difference between a Size 24 and a Size 36 is fairly significant (50% wider). A Size 24 is designed to rest on the neck and hang in front, whereas a Size 36 covers the upper back and then wraps around the upper arms before hanging in front.
The width of handmade tallit sometimes differs slightly from the standard 24 and 36 sizes, e.g. our Gabrieli tallits come in 22 inches wide instead of the standard 24 inches.

The length will be between 72 inches and 80 inches and is standard, varying from one tallit maker to another.

If you need a tallit for someone under 5 feet tall, the tallit should be 70 inches long or less. Contact us for special size options.