Tallit Weight Comparison

This page is still under construction, but we wanted to at least start making tallit weight info available to our customers, therefore you will see some weights are not yet listed. The weight is shown in grams for a size 60. Since wool is an organic fiber, weights are likely to vary slightly from one production run to the next.

Tallit Weight Manufacturer Hebrew Product Name
Modim Ultralight 479 g Mofet מודים
Yosef 532 g Pe'er HaKodesh יוסף
Ben Porat Yosef 520 g Pe'er HaKodesh בן פורת יוסף
Tashbetz Lite 510 g Pe'er HaKodesh תשבץ
Lightweight 770 Chabad* 518 g Pe'er HaKodesh פאר חב"ד 770
Kalil 488 g Mishkan Hatchelet קליל התכלת
Prima A.A. 583 g Mishkan Hatchelet .צמר א.א
Tashbetz 612 g Mishkan Hatchelet תשבץ
David Tashbetz   Talitania דוד
Hamefoar 581 g Mishkan Hatchelet פאר קל
Malchut   Talitania מלכות
Shachar 598 g Mishkan Hatchelet שחרית
Beit Yosef
  572 g
Mishkan Hatechelet
בית יוסף
Beit Yosef Tashbetz  547 g L'Eila נאה
  Talitania טוניס
Hamefoar Prestige**  747 g Mishkan Hatchelet שבת
Belz**   Talitania בעלז

*  Includes lining
** Includes lining and side bands

Note: When comparing weight, tallits that feature textured nonslip weaves may feel lighter than the weight shown on the scale might indicate, because they are airy.