A few web-store update announcements

16th Feb 2022

I suppose very few businesses have not been impacted by COVID. For us, probably the biggest change is that the two major tallit makers are now way behind on production. We have always had very good working relations with numerous suppliers in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Beersheba and elsewhere which allowed us to procure almost any tallit or tzitzit product within 2-4 business days. If one supplier didn't have it in stock, we'd go to another supplier.

But times have changed. (See Israel's milk (and tallit) shortage.)

Supply-chain delays eventually affected the tallit industry in Israel so that today we're often told by those same suppliers that it's unavailable and the next production run could easily be months down the road. So to avoid disappointing customers, we increased our in-house stock in order to be less reliant on suppliers. And on most product pages we have made it impossible to place an order if a certain size is currently out of stock. 

Another big change we made is that now, instead of having the tying fee built into the tzitzit strings cost, on most product pages you will now see the cost of the strings and the fee for the tying separately. We had been considering this change for quite a while, but until recently didn't have the staffing resources needed to reconfigure somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-100 product pages.

For our customers it means more transparency and more flexibility.