Chabad Tallit Options

Posted by Ben G. on 13th Feb 2014

Our Chabad tallis is quite popular. I don't know whether most of our customers who choose it do so out of loyalty to Chabad, or simply because they like the rich striping. Yesterday we received the following inquiry:

I currently live in Western Canada. I would like to order a 'Chabad' tallit, size 70. Does the tallit come with tzitzit already fastened to the tallit? Thanks, Stan

We told Stan that to order a Chabad tallis he should go directly to our Chabad tallit and tzitzit page. The only difference between the two talleisim shown there is the type of fabric. One is smooth, and the other is textured. You can see the distinction if you zoom in on all of the images for each tallis.

Buy Chabad Tallis>>

When you select the size and tzitzis, you will see the price shown changes automatically, based on your selection.

We always tie the tzitzis on, unless you leave a note asking us to just include tzitzis strings for you to tie yourself.

The next day Stan ordered his Chabad tallis, opting to go with Radzin techeles tzitzis.