Gabrieli Premium Tallit Collection

Posted by Ben G. on 19th Feb 2019

Gabrieli Hand-Weaving is probably the leading maker of hand-woven tallits. With 55 years of experience and over a dozen looms running, they have a wealth of know-how and an enormous selection of designs and weaving patterns at their disposal. 

Gabrieli has always made the most popular hand-woven tallits we sell. Some are fairly traditional, such as the Cobalt, which has simple, elegant blue striping accented with silver pinstripes. But most Gabrieli designs are quite innovative, using blue or gray or black as the base color and incorporating unique striping patterns.

Heirloom quality tallit sets

Recently Gabrieli has taken their tallit selection to a new level with the introduction of the Gabrieli Premium Tallit Collection. The collection currently includes a dozen new designs, all of which feature intricate weaving work and a number of premium design features.

The atara (neckband) features the Tzitzit Blessing with hand-embroidered lettering. Each corner of the tallit has doubled corner patches to enhance the look of the tallit when worn and folded over the shoulders, and to add corner stiffness that keeps the tzitzit strings properly in place. 

The tallit comes with thick hand-spun tzitzit (as well as techelet upgrade options), along with matching kippah, tallit bag and tefillin bag options.

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