Hamefoar Tallit vs. Malchut Tallit

Posted by Ben G. on 18th Feb 2020

Tallis Hamefoar and Malchut are very similar tallits made by rival manufacturers. Hamefoar is made by Mishkan Hatchelet and Malchut by Talitania. If you saw them worn on someone in synagogue, you probably wouldn't notice much of a difference, except perhaps a slight difference in the striping pattern.

If you put both tallits side-by-side and took a good look, many people would agree that Hamefoar has a nicer weave, but in my opinion the finishing work on the edges is a bit better on the Malchut. I happen to have a Malchut I've worn as my weekday tallis for about two years, and it's holding up quite well.

In contrast to the Malchut and Hamefoar, another popular tallis, the Tashbetz, has a more pronounced box weave designed for optimal nonslip properties. Unlike Malchut and Hamefoar, which come with either black striping or white striping, the Tashbetz is available in five stripe colors: black, white, white-silver, light blue and gray. 

Also, the size options differ somewhat:


   Size 45 (XXS)       Size 50 (XS)    Size 55 (S)      Size 60 (M)    Size 70 (L)    Size 80 (XL)     Size 90 (XXL)