Top-Notch Tallis

Posted by Ben G. on 6th Mar 2016

One of our return customers contacted me this week with a question on top-notch talleisim. He's debating between the Echt Turkish and Hamefoar Prestige.

I read a few of the articles on your various talleisim offered and I’ve narrowed it down to the Echt Turkish and the Hamefoar Prestige. Just a few questions: Are they made by the same manufacturer, and how does the Echt Turkish stack up against the Hamefoar Prestige in terms of quality and the weave? I’m sure both are high end, but which would you give the edge to? Thanks, Gamliel

Gamliel asked some incisive questions here. Both the Echt Turkish and Hamefoar Prestige are made by Talitania. Mishkan Hatchelet stopped making the Echt Turkish at least a year ago (although they still have some size 60 and 80 in stock).

I don't think you can really compare the Echt Turkish with Hamefoar Prestige, because the weave is quite different. The Echt Turkish is smooth and a bit stiff -- the kind of tallis you really feel there on your shoulders -- while Hamefoar is textured and supple.

With a lot of talleisim many dealers agree that Mishkan Hatchelet has an edge over Talitania in terms of quality, but there are a few talleisim where I've found Talitania makes a superior product.

Mishkan Hatchelet doesn't have a real top-end tallis, which I find quite surprising. Their Pe'er Kal (which we market as Hamefoar) is quite nice and is definitely better than the Malchut (Talitania's answer to Pe'er Kal; we sell only the white version). But I noticed that the finishing work at edge of the black striping could be a bit nicer. 

Also, I've always liked how the side bands on Hamefoar Prestige are made of the same fabric as the tallis, not the synthetic stripes that have always been used for tallis side bands in the past.