Large order of Gra techeilet tzitzit at a good price

Posted by Ben G. on 27th Mar 2016

This week we got an inquiry from someone in Florida who wanted to place a large tallit katan order, with Ptil Tekhelet tzitzit on twelve tallit katans.

I am hoping to order PerfTzit style tallitot katanot for one adult and two youths. I want to put techeilet from Ptil Tekhelet on them. Can I order those from you? What is the most economical way to accomplish this? Who does the actual tying and what are their qualifications?

I'm posted my reply to him here, because I think other visitors might find it useful.

The children's sizes are shown here.

You will save a considerable amount of money if you choose the "machine-spun" or "I don't need tzitzit" options and then go here and add four sets of thick and eight sets of thin.

Toward the end of the checkout process you'll come across a comments field. Write a note saying all of the tzitzit should be tied according to the Gra.

Our in-house tzitzit tie-er is a full-time Talmudic scholar (i.e. kollel man) who ties during his afternoon break and in the evening. His father was a tzitzit dealer so he had experience before he started working for us, and I taught him a few new things that I am nit-picky about (e.g. how close to the beged to make the first knot). His knowledge of tzitzit halacha is quite solid and his tying is superb. I've worked with a lot of professional tzitzit tie-ers and his work is definitely the best I've seen. He doesn't do any trimming with metal (we have a pair of zirconium oxide scissors, and he now has a pair of his own at home, as well).