Lightweight Wool Tallit Katan

Lightweight Wool Tallit Katan

31st Jan 2019

In the space of a single day we received two inquiries about how to compare the lightweight wool tallit katan options listed on our . So it's time for some detailed clarification!

Lightweight Wool Tallit Katan - Made by Talitania/Keter Malchut, this tallit katan was not intentionally designed as a lightweight tallit katan, but as a regular tallit katan. However, we compared some on a scale and found that it's noticeably lighter than the Classic Wool Tallit Katan, made by Mishkan Hatchelet.

If you were to put it alongside our Classic Wool Tallit Katan and examine the fabric carefully, you might determine that the Classic has a more attractive weave, but the difference is not very significant. After a short time of wear any such distinction between the two may no longer be noticeable.

Arguably, it might be considered zeh E-li v'einvehu, i.e. a beautification of the mitzvah to select the nicer weave, but on the other hand perhaps that does not extend to such a minor difference, and the quality of the Lightweight Wool Tallit Katan also fulfills zeh E-li v'einvehu.

Kalit - Made by Mishkan Hatchelet, this tallit katan is specifically designed and marketed by Mishkan Hatchelet as a lightweight tallit katan, so it has a tight weave and a bit less wool overall than the Classic.

Another point to keep in mind is that if you want special options, such as round neck opening, double tzitzit holes or no fringes, those options (with some exceptions) are only available on the Lightweight Wool Tallit Katan.

Wool Comfort - Made by Mishkan Hatchelet, this has been a popular item for several years. Although it is made of a soft, comfortable wool and has the same design as Mishkan Hatchelet's popular cotton undershirt tzitzit, it's not meant to be worn directly on the skin. It features a unique side band that holds the two sides together beneath the arms and helps prevent it from riding up. The fabric is very light and airy.

Tzitzit Noam - Made by a small company in northern Israel, this is similar to the Wool Comfort, but feels even lighter. The neck opening is round, but will not normally be visible popping up in the front shirt opening.

Wool Undershirt with Snaps - Made by Aleph Judaica, located outside Jerusalem, this wool undershirt tzitzit garment is almost identical to the Wool Comfort (above), but instead of the side band or stitches, it has snaps along the sides. We do not currently offer this product, but have been debating for months whether to introduce it, and welcome readers' input!

All of the above options are available with a large range of tzitzit options.

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