Moroccan tallit bag custom

18th Apr 2023

This week we had a customer from South America who chatted with us on WhatsApp to ask questions about a tallit for his son. He then wrote that he'll need a tallit bag for his son, and wants the letter embroidery to look like his tallit bag, just with a different first name, of course.

Moroccan Tallit Bag

"See how it looks on my bag, including the ע"ה at the top?"

"Yes, I can see that," I replied. "That's doable."

Later in the conversation, I couldn't contain my curiosity, and asked him what the ע"ה stands for.

"That's an abbreviation for 'עבד ה, [Servant of Hashem]" he explained. "My grandfather told me that's the Moroccan custom."

I'd never come across that, but in any case I thought it was a fabulous custom.