Sephardic Tallit Options

Posted by Ben G. on 20th Aug 2015

What is the difference between a Sephardic Tallit and a Yemenite, Ashkenazi or Chassidic? The foremost distinction is a different custom for tying the tzitzit, with a spiral ridge, followed by most Sephardim. Also, in many traditional Orthodox Sephardic congregations, a white tallit with white stripes, rather than black stripes is customary.

One specific example, the Beit Yosef Talit, is made entirely of wool, including the atara (neckband) and the corner patches. The fabric is a special weave treated for color retention and stain resistance. The unique weave affords the Beit Yosef Sephardic Tallit a subtle refinement that sets it apart from other classic white-striped tallits.

The White Striped Prima A.A. Wool Tallit is the standard white-on-white wool tallit, with a smooth weave and top-notch finishing work. It features satiny white stripes. Hamefoar is similar, but with a slightly textured weave, to help keep the tallit on your shoulders.

In the lightweight category you'll find two Tashbetz tallits in white.

Note that you will see a Sephardic tzitzit option on every tallit we sell.