Tallit & Tzitzit Buyers in Florida

18th Jan 2018

It seems to me that one of the main concerns of our customers in Florida is finding tallit and tzitzit products that perform well in heat and humidity. When I skim through orders from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando and Jacksonville, I see a lot of purchases of our Kalit and Wool Comfort, which are light and comfortable tallit katan garments for those who wear wool, and PerfTzit, which is for those who stick with cotton.

In my humble opinion, you don't necessarily need a lightweight tallit when the weather is hot and humid, because a lot of people wear their tallit only in the synagogue, which may have excellent climate control. But of course some people prefer a lightweight tallit regardless of the weather.

I also noticed there is a fairly high number of techelet tzitzit buyers, kittel buyers and customers opting for Sephardic tying. 

The most popular tallit choices are traditional wool white-striped or white-silver, various top-of-the-line black striped tallits, the Bnei Ohr rainbow striped tallit and several different blue-striped tallits.

It also seems there are a large number of customers purchasing a Chabad tallis or tallis katan (especially in Orlando).