Tashbetz Tallit with side bands and half lining

Posted by Ben G. on 4th Sep 2016

The Tashbetz is a fabulous lightweight tallit and perhaps Mishkan Hatchelet's best-selling tallit. In most cases adding side bands and/or a half lining is probably a bad idea. The following is an exchange with a customer explaining why.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the response. Sorry for my long delay.

Yes, I ordered my smaller blue tallit from you as well as some other stuff. Kippot etc. I've been really pleased with the customer service and prefer patronizing a business like yours than a giant like Eichlers. I have moved from New York to South Carolina for a while.

I think, given that it's pretty hot here, and I'm between black and white, that the Tashbetz gray and silver might be nice. My current tallit is Hamefoar, and I love the fabric, but it can get a bit heavy in summer if the shul is full. Is Tashbetz a solid tallit?

Do the side bands and half-lining prevent slipping?

And thanks for the size guidance; I'll trust you and go with a 70.

Shavua tov,


The Tashbetz is one of the most popular tallits sold by Mishkan Hatchelet. No, the sidebands do not prevent slipping. The sidebands are good for people who tend to tug at the sides a lot. 

The lining I don't know for sure. On one hand, extra bulk sitting on your shoulders might help stabilize the tallit. On the other hand cotton is smooth, so it detracts from the nonslip properties of the fabric in a critical area of the tallit. In your case, I would definitely forego a lining because you want a lightweight tallit. The Tashbetz fabric breathes nicely, and putting a second layer right on top of your shoulders is going to ruin that.