This year's holiday schedule

Posted by Ben G. on 11th Oct 2016

We have had a very high volume of orders flooding in starting a few weeks before Rosh Hashana and have been working overtime to get them out as quickly as possible. Our tzitzit tie-er is worked to the bone and I have been staying at the office until well into the night (one night until 4:45 a.m.!).

The way the holidays fell this year, we had only two work days last week (Erev Rosh Hashana and Rosh Hashana), three works days this week (Erev Yom Kippur, Yom Kippur) and zero next week (Erev Sukkot, Sukkot).

Like the rest of the tallit industry in Israel, we shut down operations throughout the week of Sukkot. This means that we will not be processing more orders until 25 Oct. (Simchat Torah outside of Israel). We will try our best to provide customer service, as necessary, during this period.

We wish all of our customers a Gmar Chasima Tova and a very joyous Sukkos!

Just a quick note about a recent experience that I consider a merit to the Jewish people. Customs in European countries often cause delays with packages we send to customers in the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and other countries. And they don't necessarily notify the recipient that the package is being held. A customer in Germany was wondering why his tallit had not come and sent me an acerbic email message, assuming we were to blame for the delay.

I was debating whether to explain that we did nothing wrong here or just to hold my tongue. Then suddenly I received the following email message:

I beg your pardon, I was just angry and didn't react the right, matter of fact way. By the way, if there is a mistake, it is most likely that the "Deutsche Post" is to be blamed, they are specialized in making mistakes. Please [accept my apology for] my unpolite behaviour.

Shining through his words was the pure soul of a Jew two days before Yom Kippur!