Traditional Wool Tallit Made by Talitnia

24th Apr 2018

For several years I've seen a popular tallit listed on Amazon under the heading, "Talitnia Traditional Tallit 100% Wool." The price was is good (about the same as our price), but we sell the same tallit with a number of perks that may appeal to prospective buyers.

  • On the product page you'll see an option for a matching bag for just $12.50.
  • We offer various other tzitzit options, such as hand-spun, thick and techelet (blue). I see from the Amazon questions and answers and product reviews that a number of people are not so happy with the default tzitzit option.
  • If you don't want just black striping, we sell the exact same Talitania Traditional Wool Tallit with black-silver striping or black-gold striping or blue-silver and blue-gold

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Note that the black-striped traditional wool tallit includes an atara (neckband) with a subtle satin on white diamond and leaf pattern, whereas the black-silver and black-gold have the Tzitzit Bracha embroidered on the atara.

Also note that the Prima A.A. Tallit is very similar, with a slightly better weave.