Tzitzit & Tallit Buyers in Philadelphia

Tzitzit & Tallit Buyers in Philadelphia

19th Jul 2018

It looks like we've been getting a surge of both tallit and tzitzit orders from various kehilas in Philadelphia and Harrisburg, Scranton, Allentown and Pittsburgh. Every time I see an order from Bala Cynwyd I wish I knew how to pronounce it! The name is Welsh in origin?

I noticed the uptick coincided with the introduction of our S&P tallet. I wonder how big the Mikveh Israel congregation is...?

Indeed, I see a significant number of our customers in Philadelphia are ordering Sephardic tzitzit tying.

A lot of the tallit katan orders are for cotton tzitzit garments, presumably to cope with the hot and humid climate in Philadelphia. Although I think most people are not so open to wool, in my opinion cotton is not always the answer to dealing with the heat, especially if you are wearing three layers. If you start to perspire in multiple layers of cotton you easily get clammy, because the cotton tends to absorb the moisture, whereas wool is very good at wicking moisture away from your skin. (To read more on the case for wool, see here and here.)

Among tallit buyers, there seems to be an even mix of black-striped, white-striped and blue-striped tallits ordered.