White-on-White Tallit Comparison: Tashbetz vs. Beit Yosef

Posted by Ben G. on 9th Dec 2015

Recently we received an inquiry from a rabbi in Florida interested in buying a white-striped tallit with nonslip fabric, but wanted help comparing the options.

I live in Florida and I am looking for a white on white lightweight tallit that won't slip off my shoulders. I see that you have a few. It would be helpful to me if I could speak with someone about the ones I've seen on your website. Thanks, Rabbi [R.S.]

A number of differences come to mind.

The Beit Yosef Nonslip is only available in sizes 60 and 70. The Tashbetz is available in sizes 50, 55, 60 and 70.

The Beit Yosef Nonslip has wool corners with subtle striping. The Tashbetz has synthetic corner squares with a Luchot HaBrit design.

The Beit Yosef Nonslip has a wool atara with subtle striping. The Tashbetz has a standard synthetic with the Tzitzit Blessing.

The Beit Yosef has quite matte striping integrated into the weave. The Tashbetz has shiny white stripes.

The Beit Yosef Nonslip is slightly textured, whereas the Tashbetz has a full box weave. That means in terms of texture the Beit Yosef Nonslip is somewhere in between a traditional smooth tallit and the Tashbetz.There's also a tallit called the Beit Yosef Tashbetz that has the same fabric as the Tashbetz with the other features (striping, corners, atara) of the Beit Yosef. We have a size 60 in stock and can usually get a size 70.