Blue-Striped Wool Tallit

Wool tallit prices shown are for a Size 60.
If you select a smaller size option, the price displayed decreases.

  • Maalot Blue Medley Maalot Blue Medley

    Maalot Blue Medley

    Fabulous all-wool tallit with blue, light blue and silver striping. Made by Mishkan Hatchelet, one of Israel’s most reputable tallit manufacturers. Tallit blessing on atara (neckband).

  • Striped atara (neckband) Bareket Topaz Tallit

    Bareket Topaz Tallit

    Lightweight tallit with traditional striping in subtle, tasteful hues: white with soft blue, azure and silver stripes. Made in Israel, the Bareket Tallit is made of a unique textured wool fabric that won’t slip off your shoulders. The name...

  • S&P Sephardic Silk Tallet S&P Sephardic Silk Tallet

    S&P Sephardic Silk Tallet

    Exquisite hand-woven 100% silk "tallet" based on the S&P Sephardic talit customs. Embellished with long hand-knotted fringes. Cream base color. Superb European craftsmanship.  Measures 80 x 200 cm (31 x 79 inches). No atara (neckband). Includes...

  • Carmel Talllit Carmel Talllit

    Carmel Talllit

    Features a unique textured fabric that closely resembles handwoven tallits that cost two or three times the price. Made in Israel. 92% wool, 8% acrylic Size 24 (24 x 72 inches, 60 x 180 cm) Size 36 (32 x 72 inches, 90 x 180 cm) Size 50...