Epops Sport Tzitzit

15th Apr 2013

An Israeli company called Epops has introduced an innovative tallit katan product designed to make your workout more comfortable than ever before. The Epops tallit katan is similar in concept to Tamir Goodman's Sport Strings, but at Israeli prices instead of U.S. prices.

sports-tshirt-olive-worn.jpgMade of a special Moisture Management fabric designed to wick moisture away from the skin, this tallit katan allows you to comfortably wear tzitzit with a single layer while jogging, on the court or on the playing field. It fits just like a t-shirt, with snaps along the sides.

It features kosher hand-tied tzitzit with reinforced tips to prevent fraying, reinforced eyelets and laundry pockets to protect the tzitzit strings.

Designed to fit snug, the Epop comes in various sizes and colors, including white, orange, blue and black.

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