How Tallit Sizing Works

18th Apr 2013

Before diving into the tallit market; understand how tallit sizing works. Really there are two ways to wear a tallit.

  • In Reform and Conservative congregations you see tallits that sit on the neck and drape in front, covering just the shoulders and a little bit of the upper back. This is sometimes referred to as a Size 24 (because the width is about 24 inches).
  • In Orthodox congregations, in contrast, the norm is a full-size tallit that covers the back, and sometimes even drapes down to the thighs or the knees. These are sometimes referred to as Size 45, Size 50, Size 55, Size 60 and Size 70 (because the width -- or the height, really -- is 45 or 50 or 55 inches, etc.).

The first type generally measures 20" x 80" or 24" x 72". In contrast, a full-size tallit that hangs both in front and down the back, measures anywhere from 44" x 64" to 60" x 80" or more.

For more details, refer to our Tallit Size Chart and our Tallit Size Wizard.