How to use a tallit as a chuppah

Turning a tallit into a chuppah is fairly common and easier than you might think.

Step 1: Sizing

A size 70 tallit is often large enough. It measures 59" x 73" (150 cm x 185 cm). Almost any tallit you find on our webstore is available up to a size 70.

If you need a bit more space, a size 80 measures 67" x 83" (170 cm x 210 cm). With one or two exceptions, you won't find any tallits with blue or silver or gold striping this big.

And if you need even more space, we have a few black-striped and white-on-white tallits available in a size 90.

Step 2: Choosing the Tallit

Grooms, be sure to consult with your kallah and/or her mother regarding the colors! The most common options are black stripes, blue stripes, white stripes and white and silver stripes. The best place to start looking around our website is our Classic Tallit category.

Step 3: Tzitzit Options

In most cases, you'll want to select thick handspun tzitzit and either Ashkenazi or Sephardic tying. For other tzitzit options, refer to our Tzitzit Wizard.

Step 4: Cloth Ties

Procuring the poles is up to you, but we make rigging the chuppah easy by sewing cloth ties onto the corners. Go to this page and add this option to your cart.

Sometimes the groom plans to use the chuppah as a regular tallit after the wedding. Unstitching the ties is very simple.

Step 5: Shipping

Sometimes we get a chassan and kallah who place an order three months in advance, while others get started on the chuppah three weeks before the wedding. In most cases, we need 7-10 days to get the tallit ready and 1-2 weeks for shipping. For shipping prices and details, refer to our Shipping Info page.

If your wedding is coming up very soon, contact us to discuss ways to expedite the process. And either way, it's a good idea to mention your wedding date in the Comments box during the checkout process.

We consider it a privilege to be able to take part in getting a chassan and kallah started in building a Jewish home. Mazel Tov!