Non-Slip Tallit

The tallits listed under this category all share one feature in common: all of these tallits have a special box weave that helps keep the tallit in place on your shoulders.

  • Hamefoar Nonslip Tallit Hamefoar Nonslip Tallit

    Hamefoar Nonslip Tallit

    A luxurious, non-slip tallit made in Israel by Mishkan Hatchelet. Various tzitzit options available. In Hebrew this tallit is called Pe’er, or “splendor.” Plush, lightweight weave helps the tallit stay in place on your shoulders...

  • Hamefoar Prestige Tallit Hamefoar Prestige Tallit

    Hamefoar Prestige Tallit

    A luxurious, weighty, non-slip tallit made in Israel, with various tzitzit options available. Made of a soft, plush weave, Tallit Hamefoar Prestige is a superbly crafted, top-of-the-line tallit. » Soft, textured fabric » Lining»...

  • Striped atara (neckband) Bareket Topaz Tallit

    Bareket Topaz Tallit

    Lightweight tallit with traditional striping in subtle, tasteful hues: white with soft blue, azure and silver stripes. Made in Israel, the Bareket Tallit is made of a unique textured wool fabric that won’t slip off your shoulders. The name...