Ben’s Tallit Shop specializes in traditional tallits in wool, wool tzitzit, cotton tzitzit, shirt tzitzit, techelet, tefillin, bar mitzvah tallit sets and chuppah options.

Tallit made in Israel

Because Ben's Tallit Shop is a family-owned business, we're able to keep our costs down. We make a special effort to provide you a top-quality tallit from Israel at a great price.

Wool Tallit We're located in Modi'in Illit and every tallit we sell is made in Israel. A large number of our customers hail from NYC and other parts of New York, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, California, Oregon and Washington, but we ship to all parts of the US, Canada, UK, Europe and all locations worldwide, with very affordable shipping options.

We offer a broad talit selection, from the traditional wool tallit with various tzitzit options, to modern and handmade tallit sets in silk, cotton or wool. If you’re looking for a bar mitzvah tallit or a wedding tallit, you’re sure to find the right look for the bar mitzvah boy or groom.

Tzitzit: The raison d’être of the tallit

Whether you opt for a white-, blue- or black-striped tallit, a Yemenite tallith, Sephardic talit, Turkish tallit or a Chabad tallis, the raison d’être of the tallit is the tzitzit.

A modern tallit typically comes with thin machine-spun tzitzit, which measure 50 cm long. If you buy a traditional wool tallit, we recommend you spend a few more dollars on hand-spun tzitzit, and some of our customers opt for tekhelet tzitzit.

Tzitzit tying customs

All of the tallits and tallit katan we sell are available with various types of tzitzit, including hand-spun tzitzit, niputz lishmah and Ptil Tekhelet tzitzit at unbeatable prices. We can tie according to various tzitzit tying customs including Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Chabad/Arizal, Yemenite/Rambam and more.

Ptil Tekhelet logoAnd if you’d like techelet tzitzit on your talit, we’re more than willing to accommodate your request with Ptil Tekhelet (Murex trunculus) or Radzyn Techelet at unbeatable prices. We tie techelet tzitzit according to any of the following tzitzit tying customs: Yemenite/Rambam, the Vilna Gaon, Sefer HaChinuch, Chabad/Arizal, Raavad, Tosafot and more.

At Ben's Tallit Shop our aim is to help Jews fulfill the mitzvah of tzitzit in the most attractive way possible – zeh Keli ve’anveihu – in accordance with their individual customs, and that the tzitzit serve as a constant reminder of all the mitzvahs in the Torah (Devarim 15:29).

Tallit Bag

Of course many tallit buyers are also interested in buying a tallit bag as well. Many of the tallits we sell come with a matching bag option, and for those buying a traditional wool tallit with black or white stripes, most tallit bags will fit and match nicely.

Shopping tip: Be aware that just about any tallit bag you find for under $20 is made in China, and the quality of the materials and workmanship is not at the same level as tallit bags priced at $25-$50 or more. 

Tefillin in actionTefillin

Our tefillin are made under the supervision of trusted rabbis with decades of experience in the tefillin production industry, who hand pick highly qualified sofrim (scribes) to write kosher parchments and to ensure the tefillin you buy  whether you choose tefillin peshutim mehudarim or tefillin gassot  are as kosher on the inside as they are on the outside.

Additional Judaica products we sell

We leverage our longstanding ties with Israel's leading tallit, tzitzit, tefillin and tallit bag suppliers to offer several other types of Judaica products including shofars, siddurim, kittels and challah covers

A two-minute introduction to our tallit and tzitzit options:

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