Tallit & Tzitzit Buyers in Florida

18th Jan 2018

It seems to me that one of the main concerns of our customers in Florida is finding tallit and tzitzit products that perform
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Burgundy and Gold Striped Tallit

14th Dec 2017

Our gold- and burgundy-striped tallit has become a big hit. I noticed that this week we got four orders for this tallit w
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How much are my old tefillin worth?

Posted by Ben G. on 7th Dec 2017

I remember when I was about ten years old, while poking around in my grandmother's a"h closet I came across my grandfather's
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Buying a tallit in the "Occupied" West Bank?

Posted by Ben G. on 12th Sep 2017

Today we received an inquiry from a tallit buyer in Portugal, who ran into some complications trying to place an order. Then
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Kosher Pre-tied Tzitzit

Posted by Ben G. on 16th Jul 2017

We fairly often get inquiries from people with good intentions who want to know about pre-tied tzitzit. This week we recei
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Tallit Buyers in Asheville, North Carolina

Posted by Ben G. on 12th Jul 2017

This week we sent two orders to Asheville, NC. That seems like a relatively large number, considering Asheville is a southern
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