Notes on tallit slipping

6th Sep 2019

Slipping tallits is among our customers' big concerns. Today half of the tallits made by the leading manufacturers are nonsli
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Wearing tzitzit, staying cool

30th Jul 2019

I know, I know, it's getting hot. So what's the ideal way to keep the mitzvah of wearing tzitzit, without getting overheated?
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Wool techelet tzitzit on a linen tallit?

28th Jul 2019

As most people know, a garment made of wool and linen, known as shaatnez, is forbidden. And if you were to tie wool tzitzit o
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Cotton Tzitzis Strings

8th Jul 2019

The term "cotton tzitzit" can be confusing because generally in use it means a cotton tallit katan garment with wool tzitzit
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What is written on a tallit neck band?

23rd Jun 2019

Many of our customers are not sure what the neck band of the tallit should look like, particularly whether it needs the bless
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