Machine-spun tzitzit versus hand-spun tzitzit

Posted by Ben G. on 1st Mar 2020

Our customers are often somewhat unclear about the machine-spun and hand-spun tzitzit options we offer on just about every pr
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Hamefoar Tallit vs. Malchut Tallit

Posted by Ben G. on 18th Feb 2020

Tallis Hamefoar and Malchut are very similar tallits made by rival manufacturers. Hamefoar is made by Mishkan Hatchelet and M
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?ציצית צמר או כותנה

Posted by Ben G. on 10th Feb 2020

לא מעט לקוחות שואלים האם כדאי לקנות ציצית צמר או ציצית כותנה. היום קיבלנו פנייה מאישה שמעוניינת לקנות ציצית לבעלה ומסתפק א
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Can a non-Chassidic Jew wear a Chassidic tallis?

Posted by Ben G. on 13th Dec 2019

This week we received an inquiry from a customer apparently looking for a stately, distinguished tallis for Shabbos. His main
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Notes on tallit slipping

6th Sep 2019

Slipping tallits is among our customers' big concerns. Today half of the tallits made by the leading manufacturers are nonsli
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