Tallit for Kabbalistic Wedding

Posted by Ben G. on 19th Feb 2014

We get dozens of interesting questions every week, but this question about how to choose a tallit for a kabbalistic wedding was new to me. A young lady from New York sent the following inquiry.

Interested in the White Wool Classic Tallit with silver pinstripes...It is for a kabbalistic wedding -- any special things it should have? Please let me know!

I told the bride-to-be that the only thing she really needs to pay special attention to is the tzitzit -- what type and how they should be tied. I explained the following to her:

Type of Tzitzit:
I would not recommend machine-spun. Decide whether you want to go with all-white or techelet (blue). This is a matter of debate, so I'm not sure how to advise you on that. If you decide to go with techelet, take a look at this page.

Tzitzit Tying:
Regardless of which tzitzit you choose, you will want to choose Chabad/Arizal tzitzit tying.
If the groom is Sephardic, he may prefer Sephardic or Rambam tying.