Galilee Silks Full-Size Tallit

Galilee Silks tallit sets are made of 100% wool with exquisite Damascus silk and other materials. Handmade in North Israel at Galilee Silks, a tallit and Judaica textile studio run by Shlomit Azati.

Every Galilee Silks tallit shown is 55 x 75 inches (Size 60), which is designed to drape down the back.

Each tallit is handmade and personally checked for quality by Shlomit. Production time is generally 2-3 weeks. If you have a specific target date (bar mitzvah, wedding, birthday, etc.) let us know and we will expedite your order.
Don't let the name fool you: every Galilee Silks tallit we sell is made of wool!
  • Atara (neckband) with Tzitzit Blessing Atara closeup

    Galilee White Wool Classic Tallit

    A gorgeous white-on-white tallit with fabulous texture and satin trim. Handcrafted atara. A quality tallit with exquisite finishing work. Ideal for a chassan or anyone who wants a tallit that lends a classic, regal look.    

  • Blue Classic

    Blue, silver and gray come together in this classic tallit. The blessing is embossed in cream on a white backdrop with an attractive frame. Matching corner squares. Handcrafted at the Galilee Silks studio in northern Israel. Includes matching bag,...

  • Blue and Green Tallit - Galilee Silks Prestige Series

    Blue & Green Classic

    A superbly crafted wool tallit set from the Prestige Series. Blue and green striping and matching corner squares are visible from both sides of the tallit. Handcrafted at the Galilee Silks tallit and Judaica textile studio in northern Israel. Exquisite...