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Radzin Techelet Tzitzit Strings


Product Description

Radzin Techelet is worn by many Breslov chassidim and others. Hand-spun tzitzit with dye made from cuttlefish.

Note that unlike Ptil Tekhelet, Radzin Techelet is normally sold as a package of four blue strings only, so we list an option to add a set of white strings as well. When choosing the white strings, if you would like information on the difference between machine-spun and hand-spun, please refer to this article.

Rambam or Raavad?

One of the options you need to select above is "Rambam" or "Raavad." This refers to the way the blue strings are dyed. Four strings are inserted into each corner, so that you see eight strings hanging down on each side of each corner.

According to the Rambam, on each corner you should see one blue string and seven white strings hanging down. Therefore the "Rambam" set is dyed half blue, and half is left white. This approach is followed by most Sephardim and Chassidim.

According to the Raavad, on each corner you should see two blue strings and six white strings hanging down. Therefore in the "Raavad" set the four strings are dyed all blue. This approach is followed by most non-Chassidic Ashkenazim.

Tying Customs:

If you have never tied techelet tzitzit, you may want to tie them according to the Raavad, Sefer HaChinuch or the Vilna Gaon.

If you know how to tie Chabad tzitzit, you can tie according to the Arizal. The Rambam custom can be quite difficult at first, and is not recommended for the uninitiated.

Techelet Info:

Looking for a tallit with techelet? Be sure to see our Techelet Tallit page. We can also tie techelet tzitzit by request on any tallit we sell.

For a comparison of Radzin Techelet vs. Ptil Tekhelet, click here.


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Product Reviews

  1. real techelet 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Nov 2016

    This is the real techeles according to all requirements and description. The techelet dye is revealed yet!

  2. Exceptional 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Sep 2016

    After doing research and a lot of reading over the past two years, I finally concluded that the Radzin method of techeiles is the real deal (meaning that the cuttlefish is indeed the chilazon). Ben himself mentions that Radzin techeiles strings tend to bleed, wear off on your fingers, etc. but based on my experience this was not the case.
    The thick strings are beautiful, and the blue color is rich and deep, which looks so good combined with the white strings.
    Tied the tzitzis according to a Breslov method.
    If you would like to view a video talking about why the cuttlefish is the chilazon and the Murex Trunculus snail is not please see this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKhbhTkrGtQ&spfreload=10 It is a great resource for those still deciding whether to get Radzin or Ptil Tekhelet.

  3. Tov Tzitziyot. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Sep 2016

    I had originally procured a set 6 years ago. I tied them 10-5-6-5. I wore them everyday. They just now have worn out. The quality is exceptional. I just ordered now 3 sets! Thank you for offering Techelet with Tzitziyot.

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