Tallit Katan FAQ

Should I wear wool or cotton?
According to halacha, wool is considered the fabric of choice, but according to the Rema, whose ruling Ashkenazim generally rely on, cotton is also permitted. Both the Vilna Gaon and the Chazon Ish purportedly wore a tzitzit garment made of cotton. Many Sephardic Jews wear only wool because they do not have a tradition to rely on the Rema's ruling.

Is wool hotter?
Most people say so, but I disagree. Of course if you wear cotton against your skin without an undershirt, having one less layer on makes a big difference.

I'm not sure which size I need. Where can I find a sizing table?
There is one sizing system for wool, another for cotton, and still another for tshirt-styles. Therefore we provide specific sizing information on each product page. Just go to any tallit katan page and scroll down. You might also find this sizing table helpful.

I'm not seeing an option for a round neck. Do you sell round-neck designs?
Yes, we do. Just leave a note in the Comments field when you place your order.

I follow Chassidic customs, and I'm not seeing an option for two holes. Do you have tallit katan garments with double holes?
Yes, we do. Just leave a note in the Comments field when you place your order. The holes are aligned horizontally. According to the Chabad custom, the holes are aligned diagonally. For a selection of Chabad products, click here.

I would like extra long tzitzit. Is that doable?
Sure. Select the machine-spun or "I don't need tzitzit" option, then add a set of extra long tzitzit to your cart. In the Comments field during the checkout process, be sure to write in a note telling us how to tie the tzitzit.