COVID-19 Update

Thank G-d we have not had to suspend operations at any point in time during the coronavirus crisis. As part of our efforts to provide detailed information and transparency, this page is updated at least once a week.

Last updated: Tues., 4 Tevet (16 Feb.)

The third (and reportedly the last) lockdown is scheduled to be lifted on Sunday. It has not been having much of an impact on our staffing, operations or order fulfillment. Our work schedule and pickup schedule is normal, and we are able to work normally with all of our suppliers. 

Shipping times are affected differently for each of the three shipping options we offer:

First Class - First Class is sent via Israel Post, and is then handled by the national postal company in each respective destination country (e.g. USPS, Canada Post, La Poste, Deutche Post, PostNL, Royal Mail, etc.). Shipping times have been less consistent and less predictable than they were before the coronavirus crisis, largely because of the drastic reduction in passenger flights (which make extra cargo space available to shipping companies). In addition, the USPS website currently has the following notice posted:


For sample USA shipping times over the past month, click here and here and then click on the individual Tracking History down arrows.

For sample Canada shipping times over the past month, click here and then click on the blue Item numbers.

First Class shipping times to European countries, Australia and New Zealand vary considerably. Typically shipping time over the past month has been 2-3 weeks.

DHL eCommerce - DHL eCommerce is sent via an Israeli shipping company to an importer in New York, then is handled by DHL eCommerce before being handed off to USPS for "last-mile delivery." Total shipping time is typically 7-10 days, and because the shipping company has a special arrangement with United Airlines cargo services, the shipping time is rarely impacted. Note: This shipping option is only available to the US. For sample shipping times, click here and then click on the individual arrows.

DHL Express - Since DHL Express uses its own fleet of cargo planes, shipping times (2-4 business days to most locations) are not affected.

Severe winter weather has impacted some of our shipments as well. DHL Express parcels, which usually pass through Leipzig, were slowed this week by the storm system in Europe (which seems to be clearing there and heading toward Israel!), and DHL eCommerce has posted a vague service alert for the US: "DHL eCommerce Solutions continues to monitor the impact of multiple winter storms moving across the United States, covering the West, Southeast, Midwest and Northeast."