COVID-19 Update

Thank G-d we have not had to suspend operations at any point in time during the coronavirus crisis. As part of our efforts to provide detailed information and transparency, this page is updated at least once a week.

Last updated: Sun., 14 Cheshvan (1 Nov.)

The nationwide lock-down is easing, and in general is not having a significant impact on our staffing or order fulfillment. 

Shipping times are affected differently for each of the three shipping options we offer:

First Class - First Class is sent via Israel Post, and is then handled by the national postal company in each respective destination country (e.g. USPS, Canada Post, La Poste, Deutche Post, PostNL, Royal Mail, etc.). Shipping times appear to have improved considerably, and are almost back to normal. In rare cases we've seen extended, unexplained delays. Shipping to the US addresses has been under two weeks over the past month.

DHL eCommerce - DHL eCommerce is sent via an Israeli shipping company to an importer in New York, then is handled by DHL eCommerce before being handed off to USPS for "last-mile delivery." Total shipping time is typically 7-10 days, and because the shipping company has a special arrangement with United Airlines cargo services, the shipping time is rarely impacted. Note: This shipping option is only available to the US and Canada.

DHL Express - Since DHL Express uses its own fleet of cargo planes, shipping times (2-4 business days to most locations) are not affected.