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Burgundy and Gold Striped Tallit


Our gold- and burgundy-striped tallit has become a big hit. I noticed that this week we got four orders for this tallit within one week (from customers in Memphis, Reston, Houston and Boynton Beach).

Traditional Wool Tallit with Burgundy & Gold Stripes

We used to sell a nice gray-striped tallit with burgundy pinstripes, but Mishkan Hatchelet stopped producing it. That meant the only tallits with red in them that we sold were not red-striped tallits, but hand-woven tallits with wine red or burgundy as the base color. And of course not all of our customers can afford a hand-woven tallit, and some prefer a traditional wool tallit with white as a base color, but they really like the burgundy striping.

I think the burgundy works well for those who want some color in their tallit, but not brash colors, and the gold complements the burgundy nicely. By the way, some people might describe the tallit striping as maroon, rather than burgundy — it's a close call.

Another tallit with burgundy striping is the Nitai Gray & Burgundy Striped Tallit, which has predominantly gray striping, with burgundy pinstripes.

How much are my old tefillin worth?

I remember when I was about ten years old, while poking around in my grandmother's a"h closet I came across my grandfather's disused tefillin, which were already several decades old. I think he had passed away by then, and she wanted me to have them. I cherished that set of tefillin, but years later, when [...]

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Buying a tallit in the "Occupied" West Bank?

Today we received an inquiry from a tallit buyer in Portugal, who ran into some complications trying to place an order. Then at the end of his inquiry he wrote:P.S. When we are asked to chose our country on a list on your website, it shows a "country" named "Palestine (Occupied Territory)". That country does [...]

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Kosher Pre-tied Tzitzit

We fairly often get inquiries from people with good intentions who want to know about pre-tied tzitzit. This week we received an inquiry from a lady making a tallit for her grandson's bar mitzvah.  Shalom. I have created a tallit of silk for my grandon's bar mitzvah. I am looking for kosher pre-tied tallit strings for [...]

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Tallit Buyers in Asheville, North Carolina

This week we sent two orders to Asheville, NC. That seems like a relatively large number, considering Asheville is a southern town of just 90,000 souls. It made me a bit curious about orders we've sent to Asheville over the years, so I did a quick search of our order files.Avid map readers sometimes scrutinize [...]

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Murex trunculus tekhelet debate

Leading up to Parshas Shlach Lecha, the Jewish Content Network held a debate on Murex trunculus as the source of techeles. The first 20 minutes is also fascinating, but it's on a very different subject, the question of Palestinian Authority payments to terrorist murderers, so you may want to skip that.In support of Murex trunculus is [...]

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What tallit did the Rambam wear?

Usually the questions that come my way are fairly commonplace: tallit sizing, atara questions, tzitzit options, shipping time, etc. But today I got a question that really caught me off guard.Do you know what tallit the Rambam would have worn? The truth is I don't, but I can venture a guess. I'm pretty sure it would have [...]

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Hand-woven tallit comparison: Gabrieli vs. Shilo

Our customers often spend a lot of time looking through our selection of hand-woven tallit designs. Here's a question we got this week:Hi there,I'm looking at getting a tallit and I want your advice. I'm debating between the Shilo classic and one of the Gabrieli handwoven wool ones. What would you recommend? I can't seem to make [...]

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Tefillin Peshutim Mehudarim Comparison

There are a lot of consumers out there shopping for inexpensive tefillin. In general you should recognize that a very good set of tefillin costs over $500. While I urge people to budget as much as possible for tefillin and consider it an important investment, I realize not everyone can afford to spend that much.  But [...]

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Nonslip Chabad Tallit

A prospective customer pointed out a very valid point regarding a seeming contradiction in the nonslip Chabad Prestige Tallit. Comparing Chabad tallit To Nonslip (Prestige) Chabad tallit. Confused about two things that seem to contradict each other. The Prestige is lined with silk. You indicated elsewhere that the silk lining tends to make it MORE slippery. [...]

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