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Our Tefillin Peshutim Mehudarim feature parchments written with care and battim constructed by folding thin leather to form a single unit.
Our Tefillin Peshutim Gassot are available online exclusively at Ben's Tallit Shop. Constucted like Peshutim Mehudarim, but larger and made with thick leather for greater durability.
Kosher tefillin peshutim and tefillin gassotOur Tefillin Gassot ("thick phylacteries") are made out of a single piece of thick leather shaped by repeatedly applying several tons of pressure in industrial presses as part of a complicated, but delicate and exacting production process. The resulting battim ("houses") are so thick and durable that they can be reshaped even if damaged.
  • All tefillin we sell come with kashrus certification.
  • The parchments are scanned by a computer for missing letters and then carefully examined by a tefillin writing expert to ensure they meet all halachic requirements.